A beautiful lawn accents your home, and lush green grass makes you the envy of the neighbourhood. Lacoste Landscaping helps you to create the lawn of your dreams. Moreover, we would love to give you some tips on how to take great care of your lawn and make sure your grass stays healthy and green.

How to create a lawn

Lawns are often the largest part of you yard, but everything fits. Experiment with different layouts and shapes of gardens, before determining the finishing touches to your ultimate yard design. Once you have your definite garden design on paper, it is time to choose what kind of lawn you have in mind:

  • grass seed: purchasing grass seed is very easy and cheap, but it takes some time to grow. Grass seed sown in spring will take approximately 6 months to mature and be fully grown. Furthermore, you will need to protect it from birds and weeds;
  • turf/sod: costs somewhat more but grows a lot faster than seed. Make sure the ground is not too frozen or filled with water when you lay your sod;
  • artificial grass: if your garden is too shaded for natural grass to grow or you just do not have the time for a lot of maintenance, artificial turf is a great option.

Tips for lawn care

To ensure the durability and health of your garden, it is important to give your lawn the time and attention it requires. Some tips for lawn care:

  • remove weeds because these prevent nutrients from getting to the roots of your grass;
  • improve the drainage by selecting wet plants that thrive in water;
  • aerate your lawn by creating small holes in the soil to make sure air and water can penetrate;
  • mow your lawn frequently, but not when the grass is wet.

Creating perfect lawns

Lacoste Landscaping knows everything about lawn care to create a perfect lawn that will surely thrive in your yard. Contact us to talk about the possibilities and make a yard design that includes all your wishes and needs.